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Black Poetry Post #16 - I've Got A Home in That Rock

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"The Ecology" - Theme for Week #3, April 15 thru April 21

DevotionReader Series: 30 Ways of Looking at Black Poetry

 I've Got a Home in That Rock. . .  – Raymond Patterson

I had an uncle, once, who kept a rock in his pocket--
Always did, up to the day he died.
And as far as I know, that rock is still with him,
Holding down some dust of his thighbone.

From Mississippi he'd got that rock, he'd say—
Or, sometimes, from Tennessee: a different place
      each year
He told it, how he'd snatched it up when he first
     left home—
Running, he'd say—to remind him, when times
     got hard
Enough to make him homesick, what home was
     really like.

Raymond Patterson, 26 Ways of Looking At A Black Man, Award Books, 1969 30 Days of Looking at Black Poetry -- Day:  One O Black and Unknown Bards   Two Listen Children    Three For the Record    Four Ballad of Birmingham  Five    Six The Idea of Ancestry   Seven I Want to Write   Eight A Grandfather Poem    Nine Sweet Sound   Ten My Brother is Homemade   Eleven Those Winter Sundays   Twelve SOS   Thirteen Resurrections    Fourteen Jessie Mitchell's Mother   Fifteen April Rain Song    Sixteen I've Got A Home in that Rock    Seventeen Earth Screaming   Eighteen Returning Spring   Nineteen Newark, for Now [68]   Twenty Dawn   Twenty-One Fir   Twenty-Two Comin Strong   Twenty-Three From a Black Feminists Conference Reflections on Margaret Walker: Poet   Twenty-Four My Africa   Twenty-Five Strong Men   Twenty-Six Today's News   Twenty-Seven My Guilt   Twenty-Eight Forward, Always Forward    Twenty-Nine The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa   Thirty What Harriet Said